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10th Anniversary Event

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The Wales Cancer Bank aims to collect samples of tumour, normal tissue and blood from all patients in Wales who are undergoing an operation to remove tissue where cancer is a possible diagnosis. These samples will be banked to build up a research resource that will be used by research groups to help understand the molecular mechanisms involved in cancer and work towards the selection of optimum targeted treatment for individuals.

The Wales Cancer Bank is licensed by the Human Tissue Authority (licence 12107) to store human tissue for research and has ethics approval from the Research Ethics Committee for Wales to collect and issue samples for cancer related research.

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Wales Cancer Bank 2012/2013
Annual report now available to read online

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How to apply for tissue?

Press Releases

The Wales Cancer has supplied samples to a variety of research groups during 2012/2013 and two companies have issued press releases mentioning the collaboration with WCB.

Please click on the company name for a link to the press release:

  • VolitionRx Ltd is a life sciences company focused on developing blood-based diagnostic tests. WCB supplied their Belgian site with blood samples.

  • EKF Diagnostics is a medical test producer based in S Wales is working on a trial of a biopsy test using blood and WCB supplied DNA, paraffin sections and blood samples.
  • DNA



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