Advisory Board

The Advisory Board of the Wales Cancer Bank (WCB) superseded a Steering group which was originally convened to oversee the initial establishment of the project and this stakeholder group was instrumental in guiding the Cancer Bank through its initial year of existence. The Steering group consisted of representatives from the National Assembly for Wales, Office of Research and Development (WORD), consultant pathologists, professors of clinical and medical oncology, patient and community health council bodies, the commercially successful Wales Cancer Trials Network and members of the WCB executive group and sub-groups.

The Advisory Board is responsible for ensuring that the WCB complies with NHS governance on ethical and clinical issues and that all relevant legislation is recognised and adhered to, as well as considering the strategic operation of the bank. It receives reports from the sub-groups, it directs operations and reports to the Welsh Assembly Government.

It was recognised that a board made up of a wider spectrum of expertise, to include a majority of members external to Wales, would allow greater transparency and give a wider UK perspective. A number of stakeholder groups were identified and approached for representation, including the WCB funders, the NHS in Wales and the Cancer Services Co-ordinating group in Wales. The newly constituted group met for the first time in January 2008 in the Royal Society in London. Mr Nick Ross, lay representative, chairs the Board.