Collection Update

October 2017

Recruitment continues in nine hospitals around S Wales and 13,862 patients (to the end of September 2017) have generously agreed to donate their tissue, blood, urine or ascites samples to the biobank.  

The graphs below details recruitment by location in active sites:

Recruitment Sep 17.jpg


Although consenting ceased in North and West Wales in April 2015 (due to funding constraints), samples from the 2,273 patients who had donated in the 10 years previously are still in the biobank and available for use.

The collection strategy has gone through a process of change and from August 2015 the collection has focused on breast, colorectal, prostate and lung patients.  


The pie chart shows the breakdown of donations with more than 250 consents in a particular tumour type.  For scale, there are 258 consents from pancreatic patients (in the purple segment at 5 o’clock).  The ‘others’ segment is made up of 25 tumour types ranging from 3 consents to 236 consents.