Collection Update

March 2020

Collection has continued to increase thanks to the generosity of the patients across various hospitals in Wales. 15,751 patients have consented, in total, to donate samples and data to the Wales Cancer Bank as at March 2020.

The graphs below details recruitment by location in active sites:


The number of geographic collection sites has been reduced (due to reductions in funding) and collection no longer takes place in North or West Wales.  In the 13 years of collection 6,626 patients were consented in those three centres and these figures are included in the 15,751 total recruitment. 

Samples from these donations continue to be accessed and used.

365x240-apr 2019 Recruitment in previous sites (2).jpg

The collection strategy has gone through a process of change and from August 2015 the collection has focused on breast, colorectal, prostate and lung patients.


The pie chart shows the breakdown of donations with more than 250 consents in a particular tumour type.  For scale, there are 264 consents from pancreatic patients (in the purple segment at 5 o’clock).  The ‘others’ (yellow) segment is made up of 25 tumour types ranging from 3 consents to 239 consents.                              

This page will be updated regularly to reflect the current status of the collection.