Exceptions and partial exceptions


Main WCB Funder

If applicants are funded by Health & Care Research Wales then no sample access fee will be applicable if samples are requested that do not require further processing (FFPE blocks or up to 6 slides, frozen blocks or up to 6 slides, EDTA, serum). 

The administrative handling and data fee will apply if appropriate.

If processed samples are requested (DNA, RNA, TMA or more than 6 sections per case) or processing procedures are necessary (LCM, digital imaging) then these will incur a discounted cost. 

Any peripheral equipment supplied (eg. hard drives for images) will also be charged.

Sub-collections and Pilot projects

Researchers who register to collect a sub-collection and apply for subsequent use of those samples, will not be charged a fee, unless WCB has been involved in the consent, sample acquisition or processing process.  WCB can assist with a variety of sample processing activities but these will be provided as a service and will be charged for accordingly.

Applications for pilot projects*, requiring non-processed samples (eg. FFPE blocks or up to 6 slides, up to 6 frozen sections, EDTA, serum, plasma) will not be subject to a sample access or administrative handling fee. 

Pilot projects requiring processed samples (eg. DNA, RNA) will incur a processing fee of £20 per sample.  


*Pilot projects are defined as projects requiring fewer than 20 samples that are likely to lead to larger, funded projects on successful completion.  Subsequent applications to fulfil requirements for these larger projects will incur the full fee schedule.  Pilot projects cannot be extended beyond 20 samples and researchers cannot apply for multiple, contemporaneous or sequential pilot projects.