What is the Wales Cancer Bank?

The Wales Cancer Bank is a project that aims to collect samples of blood and tissue from patients throughout Wales. These samples will then be" banked" in our laboratories until requested by researchers for ongoing research into the development of more effective, targeted treatments for cancer.

Why have I been approached for donation?

Patients in Wales who are having operations where cancer is a possible diagnosis are being approached and asked if they would consider donating some of the tissue removed during the operation, which might be left over after diagnosis and normally thrown away.

Will I benefit from donating my tissue?

You personally will not benefit, however the results of the research using your samples and those from other donors may benefit cancer patients in the future.

Will my diagnosis be compromised if I agree to donate tissue to the Wales Cancer Bank?

No. The Wales Cancer Bank will only use tissue that is surplus to diagnostic requirements. i.e. material that would normally be discarded after a diagnosis is made.

Will the surgeon be taking extra tissue if I consent to the Wales Cancer Bank ?.

No. The surgeon takes the required amount of tissue that they would normally. The Wales Cancer Bank only has any material that proves to be excess to diagnostic requirements.

Will my tissue be sold to pharmaceutical companies?

No .Your tissue will not be sold for profit to other researchers. However, your tissue or blood samples may be used for research that may lead to the development of new drugs or treatments. The research may be carried out in Universities or in companies interested in cancer research and drug development.

If anything is found when you test my blood, will I be told?

The Wales Cancer Bank will not be "testing" your blood sample, merely storing it for future research. In the unlikely event that research projects find something that may be important to a sample donor or their family, results may be fed back to your hospital doctor.  For more information, click here. Your hospital doctor will be performing certain tests on the blood samples taken routinely, connected with your operation, they will discuss the findings with you.

Will my taking part be confidential?

Yes. All information about you is anonymised.