Tumour Tissue for Cancer Research

Researchers based in any country and working in any sector can apply to our cancer tissue biobank for samples and/or data for use in cancer-related research. All applications are reviewed by an external, international review panel to ensure a good use of samples in good science. Click on the links below for further information:


The online search facility allows rapid searching for samples by tumour type, sample type, diagnosis or a combination of several criteria. Searches can be saved and attached to the online application form.

WCB collects tumour and normal tissue, both frozen and FFPE as well as whole blood and serum. DNA is routinely extracted from the blood samples and DNA and RNA are extracted from frozen or FFPE tissue. Tissue microarrays are available for some tumour types.

Anonymised samples are supplied to researchers with WCB barcodes and a basic data set of age at diagnosis, gender, histological diagnosis, grade/stage etc. Treatment and follow up data is available on most samples, dependent upon the time since diagnosis. A number of the tissue samples have genetic mutational data available.

Online Sample Search