The Wales Cancer Bank is able to store samples for external projects, usually clinical trial translational collections, under the terms of the WCB licence from the Human Tissue Authority.

WCB provides a hosting service for such samples to terms agreed in a written collaboration agreement between Cardiff University and the sample collection host institution or clinical trials unit. The samples remain under the control of the trial management group or PI and all requests for sample processing or issue must originate with the relevant management group.

WCB request proof of ethics approval for the collection, and proof that patients are consented to donate their samples.

Movement of samples to and from the WCB is the responsibility of the trial. WCB will set up a database module that the trial manager can access remotely for sample tracking issues and progress reports.

Quotes for sample hosting are generated on a case-by-case basis and depend upon the number and type of samples to be stored, length of storage and any processing requirements.

Please contact the central administration office for more details or for a quote to host a sample collection.