The Wales Cancer Bank currently uses Mirax Scan digital imaging system to image histology slides for routine collection. WCB also offers digital imaging as a service to individuals outside of WCB.

If the imaging required is for NHS diagnostic work there is no charge for the service. If the imaging is for research then a charge will be made. The access policy can be found here (link to access policy).

The scanner produces high quality digital images/ virtual slides using the best Carl Zeiss objectives, ranging from 10x to 40x magnification and can achieve a pixel resolution of 0.23 um/pixel with a 20x objective. Up to 300 samples can be batched for a single scan run and scanning can take from 1 -20 minutes depending on the size and type of sample.

Brightfield and fluorescence scanning modules are available allowing routine H&Es, immunohistochemistry and fluorescent stained slides to be scanned, whether they be full section samples, TMAs or cell line preparations. The fluorescence module allows the detection of multiple markers on a single slide using a 10 position filter wheel.

Histology sections need to be mounted on slides of a particular dimension to ensure there is no chipping or jamming and other stipulations and full terms and conditions of scanning can be found here.

Hard drives should be provided for image storage or images can be viewed remotely using remote histology access.

Please contact the central administration office for more details or for a quote to imaging histology slides.