Lay Consenting in Velindre Cancer Centre

16 Jun 2017

In 2016, WCB started a programme in Velindre Cancer Centre (VCC) to expand the number of patients approached for consent to donate their biosamples to the biobank.  Building on an initiative started in the Nottingham Health Sciences Biobank, WCB recruited and trained lay people to talk to patients about donating to the biobank. 

Velindre Cancer Centre is the specialised cancer tertiary referral centre in Cardiff has a thriving pool of volunteers who, for example, help out on wards, in out-patients and in the pharmacy.  Seven of those volunteers expressed an interest in increasing their volunteer activity to consent for WCB.  Following an application process and training programme, four volunteers progressed to shadow nurses consenting in various out-patient clinics and three then moved to consenting independently.

The volunteers trained and started at different times during 2016 and another two volunteers are about to start the shadowing part of training (June 2017).  The volunteers approach selected patients when they arrive in out-patients and explain the concept of biobanking and that any samples donated will be used in the future for cancer related research. 

The lay consenters have all found it to be a hugely rewarding volunteering activity and the impact of their presence has been that one third of all consenting in Velindre since Jan 2016 has been done by the volunteers and since two ladies started together in Feb 2017, they have done a staggering 50% of all consenting.

570x365-volunteer consents.png