HCRW funding for WCB

27 Mar 2020

Health and Care Research Wales has awarded £2.4M to fund the Wales Cancer Bank (WCB) for the next 5 years as it embarks on a major new strategy to support cancer research in Wales. https://www.healthandcareresearch.gov.wales/news/44-million-investment-in-research-wales/

The new funding maintains Welsh Government as the primary supporter of the Wales Cancer Bank, underlining its commitment to support cancer research in Wales.

Richard Clarkson, Reader at Cardiff University School of Biosciences and Science Director of the Wales Cancer Bank, who was the lead investigator on the new award said: “We are delighted to receive this award from HCRW which recognises the service provision by WCB over the past 15 years and which provides us with the opportunity to increase our capacity to support cancer researchers in the future”

The next five year’s funding will support a restructuring program for WCB, which will include expansion of its service provision to the global cancer research community and to the UK’s network of clinical trials for a wide range of cancer types. “We are extremely grateful to the Welsh cancer patients who agree to donate their samples to the Bank,” added Dr Clarkson, “without them we would not be able to provide this invaluable service to cancer researchers worldwide”.

The Wales Cancer Bank is one of the largest and most established tissue biobanks in the UK and a leading cancer tissue biobank worldwide. Currently holding more than 150,000 biosamples it provides a vital service to the cancer research community by providing ethically approved access to tumour and blood samples from consenting cancer patients attending clinics in Wales. More than 15,000 Welsh patients have donated to the WCB in the past 15 years with more than 7,000 samples issued to cancer researchers in the last 4 years.