2020 UK Biobank of the Year

16 Oct 2020


Biobank of the Year 2020 certificate-min-min.jpg

The Wales Cancer Bank was named as the 2020 UK Biobank of the Year by the UKCRC Tissue Directory and Coordination Centre at their annual Biobanking Showcase event.  This year’s Showcase event was held across five afternoons and included some innovative breakout sessions to stimulate remote conversation.

In accepting the award certificate from Gary Rooksby from Achiever Medical (sponsor), Dr Alison Parry-Jones (WCB Operations Director) commented, ‘The Wales Cancer Bank is proud to receive this award and thanks the sponsor, panel and the UKCRC TDCC.  This is for the wonderful team we have at WCB - it has been a challenging year, not only because of COVID and lockdown but we were applying for continuation of funding and we had a large internal (routine) audit followed by an HTA inspection in January.  The staff were magnificent, pitching in to help with activities not in their job description - we managed to audit 7,000 consents in three months in preparation for the audit and inspection.  COVID and lockdown has given us challenges, as it has many other biobanks, but we are now back up and running and supplying samples again to researchers.  Hopefully the next 12 months will be a little quieter!’

Feedback from the awarding panel:

‘The panel were particularly impressed with the application from the Wales Cancer Bank as it demonstrated a strong performance across many of the criteria for the award.  In particular the panel would like to single out this biobank’s agility in responding to the COVID-19 pandemic, despite being primarily a cancer biobank. They felt that this showed a proactive quality which underpins their service. They were also impressed with the biobank’s patient and public involvement activities.  The panel commends the biobank for the overall quality of their resource.’