Dr Lisa Spary

I am a Post-doctoral researcher for the WCB and based at Velindre Cancer Centre, Cardiff. I have worked part-time for WCB for more than a year and my role within WCB is to co-ordinate sample queries along with applications from researchers requesting samples. I am also involved with the molecular characterisation of tumour samples in WCB.

My background includes a degree in Applied Biological Sciences and a PhD in Clinical Genetics. My PhD involved looking at chromosome deletions in cancers, focusing on multiple myeloma and osteosarcoma. During this time I gained a plethora of experience in DNA, RNA and protein analysis along with gaining extensive knowledge in multiple laboratory techniques. Soon after obtaining my PhD, I joined Cardiff University as a Post-doctoral scientist investigating cancer immunology centering on prostate cancer, something I maintain to do part-time.

I became involved with WCB when they moved on-site at Velindre Cancer Centre as both a researcher requesting samples and as a member of staff. I initially started by helping with the co-ordination of sample collection in Velindre, liaising with nurses and consultants. During this time I was also involved with the operation of specialised equipment in the WCB laboratory, such as Laser Capture Microdissection (LCM). I was thrilled to join WCB, as I believe the work that we do is very important. Not only do we provide a service to researchers that enable them to conduct groundbreaking studies on patient samples, we also enable patients to feel proactive in the area of cancer research.