Steph Coakley

Hello, my name is Stephanie and I joined the Wales Cancer Bank team in August.  Having trained as a doctor and worked within the NHS for a number of years, my interest in research and in particular the field of oncology has bought me to the Wales Cancer Bank and I’m excited to be involved in this important work.  I hope I can make a useful contribution towards advances in cancer research and improved patient outcomes.

My role is comprised of two main components, firstly recruiting lung cancer and mesothelioma patients across the UHW, Llandough hospital and Velindre Cancer Centre sites for inclusion in the biobank.  Secondly I will be working with clinicians to identify and recruit patients thought to benefit from participation in the Stratified Medicine Programme which is an exciting collaborative project between Cancer Research UK, the NHS and pharmaceutical industry.  It aims to use genetic testing to target more personalised treatments for late stage non-small cell lung cancer patients as part of the National Lung Matrix trial.

Having previously worked at Velindre and the Gloucestershire Cancer Centres I have first-hand experience of the care of oncology patients and the vital but complex role that chemotherapy, radiotherapy and immunotherapy can play in their treatment.  Any new treatments that can be tailored to a patient’s individual genetic make up to improve both the quality and quantity of life and reduce unwanted side effects is an exciting project to be involved in.