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The Wales Cancer Bank is currently collecting from seven hospitals across Wales (see below). The project was originally piloted in four centres before expansion to other hospitals in Wales. We hope to eventually collect from all over Wales. Each site is collecting a variety of tumour types and to ensure uniformity standard operating procedures are in place which detail exactly how the samples are collected, processed and stored.

Each storage site is licensed as a satellite site under the Wales Cancer Bank licence (licence number 12107), issued by the Human Tissue Authority (HTA) to store human tissue for research. Each site has a Person Designated named on the licence to oversee local activity. Medical Genetics in Cardiff University stores and extracts blood samples for WCB so is also covered by the HTA licence.

Not all tumour types are collected in each site and WCB staff can only cover a limited number of clinics in each hospital. Please click on the city/town heading to see more information on the staff in each centre.

Central Office South East Wales      

Central Office

University Hospital of Wales, Cardiff


University Hospital of Wales

Llandough Hospital

Velindre Hospital



Royal Gwent Hospital

Nevill Hall Hospital