Tissue Micoarrays

pic-tma3.jpgThe Wales Cancer Bank currently uses a semi-automated 3D Histech TMA Master to make tissue microarrays (TMA) for WCB or project related work.

Tissue microarrays are paraffin blocks produced by extracting cylindrical tissue cores from multiple blocks and re-embedding these into a single recipient (microarray) block at defined array coordinates. Using this technique, hundreds of tissue samples can be arrayed into a single paraffin block, which can permit simultaneous analysis of molecular targets at the DNA, mRNA, and protein levels under identical, standardised conditions on a single glass slide. It is a practical and effective tool for high-throughput molecular analysis of tissues that is helping to identify new diagnostic and prognostic markers and targets in human cancers, and has a range of potential applications in basic research, prognostic oncology and drug discovery. This technique enables large-scale analyses using immunohistochemistry, fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH), or RNA in situ hybridization (ISH) at substantially faster and at markedly lower costs compared with conventional methods.

WCB also offers TMA construction as a service to researchers. The cost and the time taken to produce arrays will depend upon the number and type of blocks to be arrayed and the availability, or not, of annotated H&E slides marking the area to be cored.

We have existing TMAs for PROSTATE, BREAST and HEAD & NECK cancers - please click the relevant tumour type for further information

Please contact the central administration office for more details or for a quote to imaging histology slides.