What Research Do We Support?

The Wales Cancer bank accepts applications from researchers worldwide to use the anonymised biosamples and/or data in their work. Projects must be related to furthering the knowledge of cancer, its initiation, progression and/or treatment but the application process is open to all and the only criteria to be fulfilled is that the proposed work is good science that will contribute to knowledge. WCB receives applications to source varying numbers of samples, from 6 to 600 and whilst some applications are very prescriptive in their requirements, others are more generalised. WCB requests an acknowledgment in any published works as to the source of samples.

Since 2007 numerous research projects have been facilitated or supplied with samples from the Wales Cancer Bank. The majority of projects are supplied from the samples already stored by the bank but many have been collected especially for researchers. WCB has also supplied samples for clinical trials to alleviate the pressure on NHS histology departments.

All applicants supply a non-technical summary and the summaries of some of the projects that have received samples from WCB can be accessed here:

Many researchers have published papers from the samples acquired from WCB, some of which can be found below:

PTEN loss and activation of K-RAS and B-catenin cooperate to accelerate prostate tumourigenesis - 2017

Analysis of Fascin-1 in Relation to Gleason Risk Classification and Nuclear ETS-Related Gene Status of Human Prostate Carcinomas: An Immunohistochemical Study of Clinically Annotated Tumours From the Wales Cancer Bank - 2017

Molecular Subgroup of Primary Prostate Cancer Presenting with Metastatic Biology - 2017

Telomere fusion threshold identifies a poor prognostic subset of breast cancer patients - 2017

Pre-trial inter-laboratory analytical validation of the FOCUS4 personalised therapy trial - 2017